Nitropack alternative for fast performance WordPress

Nitropack alternative for fast performance WordPress

  • With every 0.10 second delay, 5% of visitors move on to other search results.
  • SERP actively promotes the page with a good speed score.
  • Many alternatives can enhance your site speed.


  • Do not go for a cheap hosting provider.
  • Go for a VPS. If looking for cheap use AWS a3 or 5-10USD vultr/digital ocean server.
  • Always use lite speed server. Never go for apache/Nginx etc.
  • Use the Litespeed cache plugin.
  • Keep server location which is nearest to your most visitor traffic.
  • Use light themes like generate pressĀ (free)(Best theme), Genesis, Astra.
  • Use the least number of plugins.
  • Avoid ads if it is not your main part of income, else lazyload/add on scroll event, No adsense Manual code in the header/before post section.
  • Use CDN viz. (100gb/1USD), Cloudflare CDN (free)

Reasons for slow sites speed:

  • Heavy themes like x, the7, Newspaper etc
  • Too many images and large-sized images
  • Cheap hosting services.
  • Adsense
  • Too many plugins and heavy plugins
Nitropack alternative
Optimization score for Mobile score with AdSense.


Nitropack alternative

1. Go for the right hosting provider or VPS server

Many hosting sites offer cheap hosting plans at an incredible rate. How is this possible? The answer is they give hosting to multiple users. The server resource thus is segregated into many sites. This reduces speed. And in case if a site has heavy script the whole server goes down.


  • Cheap VPS companies like OVH, Linode, vulture. Amazon AWS gives a 12-month free trial.
  • server host country: Should be your home country or nearest possible country. It makes page latency low.

2. Adsense lazy load/on scroll ad shows:

Use plugin like ad inserter pro or advanced ads. They have lazy load options. It increases speed and also removes document write error.

Do not use Adsense manual ad unit code in the header or before post, this causes a jump in CLS. It causes an error in GSC and GSC penalizes the SERP.

3. Plugin:

The plugin uses a script that loads on on-site when the server starts. Poorly coded scripts increase the server burden and lower performance.

eg. Wordfence live traffic option causes 500-1000ms delay in site loading.



  • Remove unwanted plugin.
  • Use a single plugin that offers more things.
  • Use advanced database cleaner pro to remove/unload uninstalled plugin settings/database leftovers.
  • Do not use overlapping plugins like word fence and i-theme security together.
  • Use a simple social share plugin instead of share this.

4. Use a cache plugin:

A cache is ready to serve files from the site. Using a good caching plugin can increase the site loading tremendously. Here are the list and comparison of the top popular caching plugin.


  • Litespeed cache is the best plugin.
  • Wp Rocket 2nd best-caching plugin.

4. Use CDN:

Nitropack uses Amazon CloudFront. There are plenty of CDN services which are of low cost and even free. Cloudfront CDN is a free alternative. I do not recommend using free Cloudflare CDN. It is free but too many sites had made this very slow. It is so slow that your site will load better without it.

Where CDN helps:

  • Lower first contentful paint
  • Lower Largest contentful paint
  • Lesser CLS time

The best option for WordPress is especially if you use LiteSpeed cache plugin. Its premium plan is lessger than 100gb/USD.

Go for Amazon AWS CloudFront. This set is very easy if you use the Aws plugin. It is a usage-based price. If you use smush pro CDN for images and rest by CloudFront, it will cost less than 1 USD/month.

5. Reduce picture size:

Use web over jpeg and png. It reduces the size without compromising the quality. Some plugins like smush pro, magnify offer image compression, and lazy loading.

Smush Pro plugin also offers CDN for the image. You can use this to hasten image loading.

Write how you achieved the desired speed in the comment below.


Some resources are computed hungry, while some may lower the speed. Nitropack is a new caching service that offers amazon cloud-front CDN as well. The result is pretty impressive. But the freemium version is too little to use on even a typical website. So, here we will look for the cause of slow performance and will also see how we can improve our site speed score without using a nitro pack.

A website usage many technologies to make a site available. These technologies or resources increase the burden on the server. We will see all the reasons which slow the site:

Nitropack alternative for fast performance WordPress


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