MaxKVM VPS Review

MaxKVM is a new VPS hosting provider in the hosting world. It currently has servers in US, Singapore, and the Netherlands. Its VPS prices are much lower than the current big players like vultr, linode, digital oceans etc and VPS benchmark has indicated good performance for this server. They offer 2vcpu with 4 GB ram at 12$ which is way cheaper than others.

MaxKVM review
MaxKVM server dashboard

Let’s check the configuration they give:

OS to choose from Ubuntu, centos, Debian

Apart from this they also offer a minimal version of the OS which is good.

Reinstallation of os and other sets related seeing is easy to use and you can install the os in no time.


AMD eye pc works very well and I did not see any performance issues.


2vcpu + 4gb ram cost 12$ and with SAVE30 coupon you can get it at 8.4$.

Checkout at MaxKVM



Easy to use

Performance is comparable to other good VPS providers.

Instant provisioning (I just paid and got a mail with server details)

No port blocked

Negative aspect:

New host provider (lesser than 4 months)

Poor site advisor rating (mentioned as phishing).

Update after 2 days of using: No issues so far.

For updates stay tuned here.

Update: No issues after using it for 15 days. The performance is good.

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MaxKVM VPS Review


VPS benchmark rating for MaxKVM

Siteadvisor Rating.

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