Lazy loading Adsense Experiment

Lazy loading Adsense Experiment and its effect on site speed, user experience, ad revenue, CPC, CTR.

Lazy loading is a technique which makes an ad/image available only when user stroll to that place. Image lazy loading has a good effect on the performance of the page, as it increases the page speed considerably. I implemented lazy loading on ads recently using ads inserter pro. So, here I am, giving my user experience with lazy ad loading, its effect on revenue, user experience, and site speed. Let us analyze one by one.

ad lazy loading experiment
After ad lazy loading page speed increased by 15 points.

a. Site speed:

My site speed score was 60 for the mobile view. It jumped straight to 76. The main reason was that double click ad latency reduced to 400ms from 900ms.

This was obvious and already expected, as ad lazy loading will surely increase the page speed.

b. User Experience:

User experience depends on many factors. Among these site speed and number of ads also come. Ad lazy loading usually gives the user a bump as once they scroll down suddenly ad comes to their smartphone screen. A positive result of it was that it diverted the mind of the user towards the ad, so ad CTR increased considerably.

Since the speed increased, user stay on site was overcome by higher CTR. So, I did not feel any change in user retention before and after.

c. Ad revenue:

Here comes the major change in revenue. There was a huge jump in CPC and CTR. Earlier number of ad clicks on my site was around 100. It decreased to around 85. The ad impression changed to 85%.


  • There was a decrease in the ad impression by 10%.
  • Increase in CTR by 20%.
  • Increase in revenue by 140%.

The reason can be seen from the number of ads per page. Earlier all ads were loaded onto the page. User usually does not see all the content of the site, and many ads earlier were not getting high viewability.

With ad lazy load, fewer ads loaded in front of the viewer. It increased the CPC and hence the revenue.

  • AD CPC increased to 0.08$ from o.03$.

Final Verdict

Ad lazy load may give good results in site performance as well in ad revenue generation.

Hope for the best. Share your experience in the below comment section.

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