Cloudflare affect adsense earning

Cloudflare is one of the most used cdn which offers much more than just the cdn.

It has a free plan for beginners which include cdn, brotli, ddos, ssl and much more.

I was also intrigued to use cloudflare to get more protection as well as the cdn feature.

So, I opened an already activated plan and added my site to it.

Next process was also easy just changed my name server and updated the cloudflare add on wp rocket.

Now I was waiting for the outcome.

My site latency improved considerably from mobile page speed score of 60 to 76.

This was all expected by me. As cloudflare is one of the most robust cdn providing content delivery from more than 50 different countries.

I was happy, my site was gaining more visits than earlier. Almost there was an increase in 5% in total number of visitors in just 2-3 days.

I got some difficulty in using WordPress. It was not showing correctly the country of visitor. This I corrected by changing to cloudflare in how worfence detects ip.

But the biggest effect of using cloudflare, I saw was in adsense number of ads on per page and the Cpc.

My cpc decreased considerably. The change was massive from 0.004 to 0.001.

This was to much for me, as my income dropped to one fourth in just few days.

Even this was not enough, now adsense started showing very lesser ads. Earlier 2-3 ads were sure for all pages. Now it was reduced to 1 and many times there was no ad at all

This was too much for me. This was an alarm to me. I started investigating the issue but was not able to find the exact cause.

I thought Corona has changed the Cpc rate. And tried to gave up.

But now I was restless. I did not feel liking to Create new post on my site.

So, after a few days later I started reverting back to previous setting.

But I saw, no change in pc or number of ads. Things were as usual.

Now I decided to lose my site speed and protection. I went to domain registrar and changed my name server.

And voila, my ad cpc increased again to previous time in just one night.


Now happy and relaxed, I think that cdn/cloudflare may not be good for sites that gain from Indian traffic as my site was hosted in UK and was getting the traffic mainly from India.

Please share your experiences in below comment, so that I know you also have felt the same







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